The Bookshelves

ancient history reference

The Princeton Encyclopedia of Classical Sites edited by Richard Stillwell, William L. MacDonald, Marian Holland McAllister (1976): here it is on line.

The Barrington Atlas of the Greek and Roman World edited by R. J. A. Talbert (2000). This is the Atlas website, but to see this beautiful book in real life you'll have to buy it from or in Europe from

food reference

Culinary Biographies edited by Alice Arndt (2005)

Alan Davidson, The Oxford companion to food (1999)

Histoire de l'alimentation, Food: a culinary history (1999) ed. Jean-Louis Flandrin, M. Montanari

Encyclopedia of Food and Culture edited by Solomon H. Katz, William Woys Weaver (2003)

food of the world

K. T. Achaya, Indian food: a historical companion (1994)

David Downie and Alison Harris, Cooking the Roman Way (2002)

specific foods

Sophie D. Coe, Michael D. Coe, The true history of chocolate (1996), La Verdadera Historia del Chocolate (2000)

Eva Crane, The world history of beekeeping and honey hunting (1999)

Joan Morgan, Alison Richards, The book of apples (1993)

World olive encyclopaedia. International Olive Oil Council (1996)

spices and aromatics

Andrew Dalby, Dangerous Tastes (2000)


Stuart J. Fleming, Vinum: The Story of Roman Wine (2001)

The origins and ancient history of wine ed. Patrick E. McGovern, Stuart J. Fleming, Solomon H. Katz (1995)

food and dining in the ancient world

Katherine M. D. Dunbabin, The Roman Banquet: images of conviviality (2003)

In Vino Veritas ed. Oswyn Murray (1995)

Sympotica ed. Oswyn Murray (1990)

Dining in a Classical Context ed. W. J. Slater (1991)

Food in antiquity ed. John Wilkins, David Harvey, Mike Dobson (1995)

food and dining in Byzantium

Simon Malmberg, Dazzling Dining (dissertation, Uppsala University, 2003)

food and dining in later history

Serge Safran, L'Amour Gourmand (2000)

plants and animals reference

Stephen Facciola, Cornucopia: a source book of edible plants (1990)

language reference

Histoire de l’écriture (2001), A History of Writing (2003) ed. Anne-Marie Christin

Andrew Dalby, Dictionary of Languages (2005): see also Dictionary of Languages Extra (added and expanded entries), bibliographies and links

Andrew Dalby, Guide to World Language Dictionaries (1998): see links page

The world’s writing systems ed. Peter T. Daniels, William Bright (1996)

bilingualism and language loss

Mark Abley, Spoken Here: travels among threatened languages (2004)

J. N. Adams, Bilingualism and the Latin Language (2003)

Andrew Dalby, Language in Danger (2003)


Dictionnaire des régionalismes de France ed. Pierre Rézeau (2001)

pleasures in the ancient world

Andrew Dalby, Venus: a biography (2005)

Andrew Dalby, Bacchus: a biography (2003)