Andrew Dalby


Cato wrote the earliest surviving complete work of Latin prose, and this is it: a book of instruction about the cultivation of vines, olives and fruit, the management of slaves and contract labour, the rituals consequent on ownership, and even cookery and pharmacy. Because of its date, the early 2nd century BC, it is a particularly important resource for students of Latin and of early Roman society as well as, of course, enthusiasts of cookery, for these are the first recipes to have survived in the Latin language.

243 pages. 1998
10 line drawings, 1 map
ISBN 0-907325-80-7. Totnes: Prospect Books


Cato's Italy
Cato's life
His writings and opinions
Cato and On Farming
On Farming: an outline
On Farming: themes and controversies
Cato and his readers
How the text survived
This translation and beyond
A note on money
A note on sex
On Farming (parallel Latin and English texts with commentary) Click here for selections from the translation
Bibliography(4 pages)